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Welcome to Interactive Internet!

What can the Internet do for You?

While you may be familiar with a computer or even with the Web, incorporating these resources into your business may be another story completely! Interactive Internet has worked with a variety of companies and individuals who want to utilize computers and the Internet to help their business grow and succeed. The Internet has much to offer, but making best use of it requires knowledge and experience. Why not take advantage of someone who has already done it?

How can Interactive Internet help your Business?

At Interactive Internet, we can help you understand how to best take advantage of this great computer network both inside (an Intranet) and outside your business. We can help you understand how to utilize this tool to better communicate with employees, vendors, and especially customers!

Getting your business on the web is not a simple task - especially if you are venturing into new territory. And even if you have some experience with the web, pulling together all the parts and pieces needed to set up and maintain a professional, interactive website - as well as integrate it with your existing processes - can be a challenge. And what about hosting and security and data backup and a myriad of other concerns that need to be considered to ensure complete success of your site?

Interactive Applications

What is an Interactive Web Application?

If you have spent any time on the web at all, you have probably used an interactive application of some kind. An example of an web application is a shopping cart you would use to purchase a product from an on-line retailer. Or how about logging into a credit union or bank to check your balance and transfer money.

While many websites are little more than electronic advertisements, web-based applications are what make a site come alive! By adding web applications to a website, you can really do business on the Internet.

And What About Mobile?

An ever-increasing number of web users access the Internet from a mobile device. Be it a smartphone, a tablet, or another type of mobile device, your information needs to be easily accessible in a form that is usable on their device. There is alot of hype about "mobile apps", and while these have their place, the first goal should be to have your site available to the largest number of users possible*. The best way to do this is with a mobile web site. Let us help you see how easy it is to add this to your existing website.

* "Perhaps most interesting is that even in a roundtable focusing on branded apps, the consensus was that brands should have their mobile Web sites in order before investing in an app." MobileINSIDER

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Interactive Internet

interactive web applications

Interactive Internet Services

Internet/Intranet Consulting

Don't know even where to start or have questions about what is even feasible? We can help you understand your options and what it will take to make your vision into reality.

Maybe you need to integrate data with another company or between software applications. Maybe your customers need better information about your company's services and a way to provide feedback about their experience. How about extending your products and services to a wider - even global - audience? The options are limited only by your imagination!

Application Architecture and Development

Whether it be a simple blog or comment page, or a full-blown inventory management system, we have the skills and experience to make it happen.

Web sites or web applications are often similar in many ways, but the way you do business is unique. Custom solutions help distinguish you from your competition and can give you the competetive edge.

Professional Website Design

All websites are NOT created equal! Building a site on the Internet is more than piecing together a little HTML code and a few graphics. Let Interactive Internet help you design a professional, website that stands out in the crowd! With the tools and experience, together we can produce a website whose quality and usability are second to none!

See some Samples Of Our Work

Office or In-Home Internet Training

Want to know more about how the Internet - or computers in general - can serve you or your business? We offer classes and training on how to make the most of these powerful resources and the latest technology.

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Interactive Internet

interactive web applications

Interactive Internet is a web/Internet application development and consulting company located in the inter-mountain west near Salt Lake City, Utah (Tooele County if you know where that is ;).

We have been building interactive, web-based applications on the Internet and for company intranets for more than 25 years. We have experience helping companies of all sizes (including Fortune 100) - in a wide variety of business, non-profit and education disciplines - realize solutions to their custom software needs.

For more information about our services, and to find out what the Internet can do for you and your business, please contact us today.

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Interactive Internet

interactive web applications

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Interactive Internet

interactive web applications


Samples Of Our Work

Hosted Sites:

Jackrabbit Press Printing & Marketing Services
Design by Jackrabbit Press. Featuring: jQuery image viewer viewer.
Tooele Waterpolo Team Website
Featuring: Content managment system. Still Under Construction.
NorthPointe Medical Park Site and Magazine
Graphics by Jackrabbit Press. Featuring: jQuery Slide show, Flash magazine viewer.
World Link Partners Non-Profit Information
Featuring: jQuery Slide show, Content managment system.
SEO Branding Pro Site Promotions
Featuring: eCommerce, Customer login, training and pagebuilder, Affiliate management, Admin backend.
Elite GMAT Prep Test Prep Service
Featuring: jQuery Slide show, dynamic calendar.
Keyes Insurance Services Benefits Management
Featuring: Flash homepage, Customer login for benefits usage, Nightly data import from internal systems.
JurniTrack Care Center Tracking
Featuring: jQuery slideshow, Backend caretaker and client management, Reporting, Mobile status updating.
Realsale World-wide Real Estate Advertising
Featuring: Management of a wide-variety of property types for sale or rent, and Related services advertising.
WB4You Wellness Bootcamp 4 Women
Featuring: Class sign-up and payment, Participant login for weekly menus/tips/workouts, stats tracking, forums, Administrative class managment.
Knight Veterinary Clinic Clinic in Mountain Home, Idaho
Features: jQuery slide show, Virtual Office tour.
Sunset View Gardens Landscaping
New site... in process.
YourFamily.Org Family Organizations
Featuring: Photo upload, edit controls. (Additional features coming soon!)

Other Work:

Wireless Beehive Manufacturing 
Featuring: Data-driven, multi-level product menu and Products w/ on-the-fly PDF spec sheets, Backend product data managment.
Gastronomy, Inc. Gift Cards · Mobile Site
Featuring: Electronic payment and receipts. Mobile browser detection, dynamic pictures.
GoDealGo Deal-of-the-Day Site
Featuring: Multi-area subscription and deals, Forums, Auto deal post and end, Customer account, purchase and voucher managment, Vendor voucher management, Admin managment of deals, vendors, fundraisers, customers.

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